Gardens of St Anthony

The Gardens Restaurant in St. Anthony, created by chef Andrew Gilbert in 2008, is located between the two main attractions of Tiradentes (Matrix Santo Antônio and Fountain) and offers a wide variety of savory and sweet crepes as well as a delicious pizza baked in fired oven. We also rent the space for parties and events featuring bufett own.

The restaurant has a lounge and an indoor garden with four pergolas, both spaces have a privileged view of the parish church and have a good live music on weekends.

The kitchen, with tempered glass walls, open to customers view the beautiful firebrick oven where the pizzas are baked, and allows monitoring the implementation of international dishes like trout almonds, cod with potatoes in olive oil to the batter steack poivre , serene meat, pork rib and knee made by frances soud-vide method.

The Gardens of St. Anthony works with craft beer and gourmet beers Backer, and its wine list includes great options among Italian, French, Portuguese, Chilean, Argentine and others.

To finish your meal customers can indulge in our sweet crepes, followed by ice cream, and also with an excellent gourmet espresso.

The toilets have facilities for the use of handicapped and parking.

Rua Min Gabriel Passos, 308 – Phone: (32) 9107-7423.

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